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July 26th -
August 22th 2008

July 25th 2008
6:30 - 10 p.m.

opening hours
Sa&Sun only 26th&27th
10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Mo - Fr
10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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IDZ Berlin
Reinhardtstraße 52
10117 Berlin
Exhibition | 20+15 jears of Informationdesign
A showcase of Prof. Michael Klar's work

The exhibition 20+15 jears of Informationdesign presents the work and teaching of Prof. Michael Klar from 1972-2008 generated at HfG Schwäbisch Gmuend and UdK Berlin.

For the inauguration on July 25th speeches will be delivered by:
welcoming: Dr. Silke Claus, director of IDZ
opening speech: Prof. Gunter Rambow
Prof. Burkhard Schmitz, 1st vice president
of UdK Berlin

21. – 31. May 2008

opening hours:
21 – 25 May 2008
10:00am – 9:00pm

26 – 31 May
10:00am – 6:00pm

Admission free.

IDZ Berlin
Reinhardtstraße 52
10117 Berlin

IDZ Berlin
Exhibition | A Taste of Israeli Design
The Israeli Pavillion at the International Design Center Berlin
DMY Berlin – Internationales Design Festival 2008

OPENING NIGHT: 22nd of May, 6:00 – 10:00 pm
EVENTS: 23rd, 24th and 25th of May always 6.00 – 10:00 pm lectures, presentations, seminars

The exhibition offers a wide ranging view into Israeli industrial design, serving both, consumer goods and high tech companies. 20 designers present a colorful variety of products including: fashion, table ware, games and furniture. The profile of the participating designers spans a very wide range starting from academic teachers, independent designers who work for leading companies, freelance designers to studios run by brand new graduates. The design platform A HUNDRED PERCENT FOR YOU supports Israeli designers. The goal is to create local and international business opportunities and to spread the idea of the impact of design on the quality of life.

Events in line with the exhibition:

» exhibitions
8th November 2007 - 4th January 2008

Monday - Friday
10am - 6pm

IDZ Berlin
Reinhardtstraße 52
10117 Berlin

Rauchstraße 1
10787 Berlin

Entrance free.
Exhibition | Eero Aarnio in Berlin
Eero Arnio - Retropop, Phantasie und Tagträume

An exhibition initiated by the Helsinki Arthall shows the lifework of the designlegend Eero Aarnio. The fancy creations can be seen in the Felleshus, the Gatheringhouse of the Nordic Embassies, not only to watch, but also to try...

Eero Aarnio became popular in the 1960ies, when he revolutionized the world of furniture design with his futuristic fiber- and synthetic-chairs - as for example the Plastil or the Ball Chair, which one has been sold in 30 countries just in the first week of its market launch in 1966.

The work of the today 75-year-old artist excels through its consistent development, always neck on neck with the latest technology.

Beside these popular creations of Aarnio the exhibition shows a lot of works, which give an impression of the designers variety from then till now.

The 8th of November 2007 at 7pm the opening of the exposition takes place, together with Eero Aarnio himself, in the Felleshus of the Nordic Embassies, Rauchstraße 1, 10787 Berlin.

We invite you cordially.
22. Oktober -
16. November 2007

Montag - Freitag
10am - 6pm

IDZ Berlin
Reinhardtstraße 52
10117 Berlin

Admission free.
Congress and Exhibition | 15 years of suspense
15 years designerinnen forum

Networks take centre stage in this four week exhibition "15 years of suspense", which is shown in the exhibition hall of the IDZ in honour of the 15 years existence of the designerinnen forums. The touring exhibition tells stories of networks and therefore also stories of its female members. The development of the forum, contemporary occupational documents like honours, fair participation, competitions and design objects, but also private experiences and network stories constitute the kernel of the exhibition.
6th - 23th September 2007

10am - 10pm
on Sundays
from 11am

Stilwerk Berlin
Kantstraße 17
Ecke Uhlandstraße
10623 Berlin

Admission free.

Exhibition | hommage á angela
Jewellery for the chancellor

The exhibition "hommage á angela - Jewellery for the chancellor" exhibited in the IDZ in February is now, due to great resonance, being presented in the stilwerk Berlin. It shows exquisite, partly eccentric bracelets, brooches, rings and anklets, which were created by goldsmiths and young designers exclusively for the German head of government.

The exhibits stem from an international competition brought into being by the Schmuck Magazin and explore the representative function of jewellery in a democratic society from different points of views.

The IDZ and the stilwerk Berlin as well as the jewellery brand Niessing invite you to the exhibition opening on Thursday, 6th September, 2007 at 7pm in the foyer of the stilwerk Berlin.
Exhibition | Stankowski - Aspects of his complete work

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: : .

work in progress.
March 16th -
April 29th 2007

IDZ Berlin
exhibition | Textilzelle

"Textilzelle" is an interdisciplinary EU project (EFRE) of the study courses clothing technique/clothing industry and fashion design of the FHTW Berlin.
With the project Textilzelle, the FHTW offers to the Berlin fashion scene the possibility to use the university-belonging special machines for the pattern production of its high-quality products. Furthermore, Berlin as location for fashion is strengthened by workshops and individual consultation in the areas of business start-up, production, presentation and distribution. The already established label 30paarhaende (30 pairs of hands) of the project Textilzelle serves for the support of a practice orientated education within the scope of the studies at the FHTW Berlin and enables young enterpreneurs to benefit immediately from the acquired know-how.

Exhibition | hommage à angela
Jewllery for the chancellor

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: : .
work in progress.
December 8th, 2006 -
January 21st, 2007

IDZ Berlin
Reinhardtstraße 52
10117 Berlin
Exhibition | 2nd Rosenthal Design Award
Transformation - New Products for a New Way of Life

Retrospective on a long newcomer furtherance tradition, the Rosenthal AG created in 2003, in cooperation with the German Design Council a new contest. This competition is targeted at famous European design and art academies. A special feature of this contest is the assignment of so-called advisors,established designers, who are able to convey the corporate philosophy to the students.

17 groundbreaking, creative, innovative and exceptional projects have been incorporated in this 2. Rosenthal Design Award exhibition. New possibilities appear, the eating culture is in "transformation".
October 13th -
November 20th, 2006

IDZ Berlin, Reinhardtstraße 52, 10117 Berlin
Exhibition | Storie di Design

Back to the roots of furniture design in the 20th century.
The IDZ shows a selection of 30 outstanding historic reproductions which were produced by companies of the Industrial District for Classic Furniture of Veneto.
Reproductions of experimental establishments for social housing are exhibited. Since the late 19th and early 20th century, some of the best architects and designers in Italy and Germany had been trying to find vanguard solutions while keeping production costs low.

The exhibition by Giuseppe Albanese was initiated by the Italian Institute for foreign trade.

September 22nd -
October 6th, 2006

IDZ Berlin

Reinhardtstraße 52
10117 Berlin
Exhibition| Berlin A-Z, Discoveries
Exhibition of an unusual tour guide by the Institute for Information Design Japan (IIDj).

62 Berlin experts, mostly in the city living architects, designers, musicians, choreographers, journalists, et. al. describe undiscovered and remarkeable places in Berlin. In spring 2006, the unconventional tour guide "Berlin A-Z" was published by the IIDj, Institute for Information Design Japan in Japan and Korea to introduce Berlin as an exciting travel destination.
The exhibition shows contents of the guide which are also interesting for Berlin insiders.
13 July 2006 -
31. August 2006

IDZ Berlin

Reinhardtstraße 52
10117 Berlin
Exhibition | Bärenstark
Products for Berlin

The exhibition "Bärenstark - Products for Berlin" was based on diplomas and seminar projects made by communication design students of the FHTW Berlin. In the exhibition souvenirs, books, movies, photos and games, all of them having Berlin as focal point, have been put on display.

Impressionen zur Ausstellung in Bild und Ton
May 19th -
June 20th, 2006

IDZ Berlin

Reinhardtstraße 52
10117 Berlin
Exhibition| Strom - Mart Stam sponsorship award 2005

On May 19th the exhibition Strom - Mart Stam Förderpreis 2005 - Graduates of the art college Berlin-Weißensee has been inaugurated in the IDZ Berlin. The opening speech was held by Jean-Baptiste Joly, head of the academy Schloss Solitude Stuttgart.

The work of Eumilis Arellano Ferrer (architecture), Sönke Hoof (product design), Elena Kikina (fashion design), Andrea Lauermannowa (painting), FMSW Lina Faller, Marcel Mieth, Thomas Stüssi, Susanne Weck (sculpture) where to be seen until 20 June 2006.

For further information on Mart Stam Gesellschaft and on the sponsorship award, please visit
December 5th, 2005 -
January 6th, 2006

IDZ Berlin

Reinhardtstraße 52
10117 Berlin
Exhibition | solved/gelöst: Innovations in Product Design

On 5 December, the Technogel Design Awards 2005 ceremony and the opening of the exhibition "solved/gelöst: Product ideas made out of technogel" took place in the IDZ.
At this event, the Otto Bock Kunststoff Holding awards three of 40 pre-degree dissertations that have been handed in this summer at the Fachhochschule Hannover. All these results have the use of the high-quality industrial plastic Technogel® in common, which is mostly known as a material for modern gel bicycle seats.

The exhibition shows the different areas of application for the plastic - from a weight for anglers which misleads fish, or a gel duct tape for everything that can be gripped to mine safety vests.
starting 14 March 2006

IDZ Berlin

Reinhadtstraße 52
10117 Berlin
Exhibition| ES FREUD - Protagonistic Design from Berlin

Anna Lise This, developed while listening to a Madonna song, she is the analyst in the world of Rainer Unsinn and his friends - a group of pubertal adults in childlike outfits, designed by Jürgen Dahlmanns | RUG STAR.
Stories for adults are told in seemingly childlike forms and colours.
In the first chapter, 100 dice (40x40x40 cm) made of rigid foam with digitally printed lorry canvas covers were produced, all differing from each other. When arranging some dice in a different way, a new story is told. By turning them, new facets of a story arise.
28 January until
6 March 2005

Museum for Communication

Leipziger Straße 16
10117 Berlin

Exhibition | RE:DESIGN EUROPE Design from the new EU countries.

A new exhibition of the International Design Centre Berlin in cooperation with the Museum for Communication Berlin.

RE:DESIGN EUROPE a temporary showcase

With the central and eastern European countries Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary joining the European Union, Europe gains new outlines.

As a result, the culture of affairs which has become an inherent part of the everyday life, will change.

In the past, the western product world often seemed to be the measure of things. The independant qualities of the national design culture and the competitiveness of products from the central and eastern European countries were often underestimated and beyond their boarders only noticed in exceptional cases.

RE:DESIGN EUROPE passed these limits. On 450 m² about 200 design objects and concepts are exposed: things for daily use, as well as ideas for the future taken from the classic product design and graphic design area, ceramic/china/glass, fashion/textile and jewellery. Results of designers who set important impulses in their countries with their work can be admired.

In cooperation with national Design Centres and Design Associations, representative examples and concepts from each of the eight countries were chosen for the exhibition. A new panorama of the creative variety of the new Europe arises.