Not only at Christmas time: The holiday season is about bringing joy, and who doesn't like beautiful, thoughtful, useful and sustainable gifts? We've put together a colorful bouquet of great gift ideas for your perusal. Have a look and let yourself be inspired!

Pillow, International Wardrobe

Time rather than stuff, Scholz & Volkmer

Storage Container, Moya Birchbark

LAB Tea-Set, KPM

Otl Aicher
CD Olympics 1972

A Walk with Donkeys in Reichenow

Airport Wayfinding, H. Nehl, S. Schlaich

Poster - Erik Spiekermann, p98a

Little Sun - the Solar Flashlight

Tassilo v. Grolman: Tea- and Coffeeservice

Recycling Climbing Rope, Edelrid

Trinkbunt – Colored Glass Drinking Straws

Secret Twins Memo, Weltkunst

Vitra Toolbox RE, Arik Levy, 2021

Binabo - Construction Game

fishing weights, ECOfishing

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