German Federal Ecodesign Award

Jury & Expo

In its meeting on 16 September, the #BPEcodesign19 jury nominated 31 projects out of 130 accepted submissions for the German Federal Ecodesign Award 2019.

From 17 to 22 September, we cordially invite you to the exhibition of the nominees and all projects admitted to the jury meeting at feldfünf in the Metropolenhaus in Berlin.

Design Discourse

Boris Kochan & Ulrich Müller

We invited two eloquent and unconventional thinkers to the design discourse to illuminate the theme "Bauhaus" from different angles.

The Association of German Industrial Designers (VDID) and the IDZ jointly host this conversation. Discuss with us at the USM Showroom Berlin on 26 September. (Photo: Michael Bundscherer)

Berlin Showroom

Fashion Week Paris

From 27 to 30 September, the Berlin Showroom in the Marais district will once again open its doors for Fashion Week Paris. It will showcase the Spring/Summer 2020 collections of eleven Berlin fashion labels.

Berlin Showroom is part of the DACH Showroom founded in 2017. The cooperation with Austria (Austrian Fashion Association) and Switzerland (Mode Suisse) is in its fourth season.

Berlin Poland

B2B Networking Exchange

On 10 and 11 October, Berlin based fashion labels and and full service production agencies as well as Polish clothing manufacturers are invited to attend a networking program at Metropolenhaus in Berlin. The Exchange will take place in the framework of our network project "Berlin Poland 2019-2020".


Federal Prize Ecodesign 2019 Exhibition

at 'feldfünf - den Projekträumen im Metropolenhaus' ...

Tue, 9/24

CMS Purus Innovation Awards 2019

Awards Ceremony at the Marshall Haus

Thu, 9/26
7.00 pm

Design Discourse

on the subject Bauhaus with Boris Kochan und Ulrich Müller


Berlin Showroom

Fashion Week Paris

German Federal Ecodesign Award

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EcoDesign Circle

Capacity Building

Berlin Poland

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UX Design #LIVE


Purus Innovation Award

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Berlin Showroom

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Cornelia Horsch

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"Being able to fall asleep when one is tired and being able to let off a weight that has been lugged for a long time, is a delight, a marvellous fact."
(Hermann Hesse)

We say goodbye to the long-time director of the IDZ, our always inspiring colleague and dear friend Cornelia Horsch. With her positive attitude to life, her humour and her unbridled energy, she has left a lasting impression on the IDZ.