What was the inspiration for your products?

The idea for »Fyr« emerged watching the „Bengktskär Fyr“, the highest lighthouse in Scandinavia, on an island near the coast Finnish Baltic Sea. We wanted to achieve uniform 360° illumination from a single LED, which nobody had achieved before. The purpose and form of the lighthouse inspired both the solution and design – we felt illuminated in the truest sense.

How would you describe your style?

We are often working in Scandinavia and have a soft spot for simple yet expressive forms. The utility value of a design is always paramount.

What do you associate with the »Berliner Zimmer«?

The »Berliner Zimmer« is a peculiarity, a habitable quirk, delivered courtesy of Friedrich Schinkel! A large, dark and not circumnavigable room – in any case an exciting task to illuminate and furnish.

In a Berlin apartment, in which part of the »Berliner Zimmer« do you see your product?

»Fyr« goes well with sideboards or bureaux; these furnitures are enjoying quite a comeback. The smaller version fits nicely on sideboards and nightstands – or on the floor beside low beds; the light is warm and dimmable.

What do you expect from the Biennale Interieur?

We’re looking forward to interesting talks with Belgian, Dutch and French interior architects or design stores - and ten days of moule-frites and waterzooi.

How important is design for broader society?

Design is important for society, when it puts people at the center, not the designers.

When are you impressed by design?

When design respects the diversity of people’s lives, when it delivers perpetual inspiration and qualifies for a heirloom, quite much is achieved.

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