What was the inspiration for your products?

A source of inspiration for me comes from shapes, objects, spaces, that I can connect to old memories, and experiences. Some of these objects have not changed their aesthetic over time, and in their own way have become timeless iconic objects.

Take stadium light for example – when I was a teenager I played ice hockey and football in the evenings, and I clearly remember those huge spotlights lighting up the whole stadium, those memories are a direct reference to stadium light.

What do you associate with Berliner Zimmer?

My understanding of a traditional Berliner zimmer is that it is a quite dark space because there is only one small window, and therefore makes it an ideal situation to illustrate how important light is in creating a nice atmosphere in a room.

In which part of the Berliner Zimmer do you see your product?

I think there are a million ways one could place the lights in a Berliner Zimmer scenario, but the most obvious will be to hang the stadium light in the center of the room where the electricity spot and the hook are already located. The floor version of stadium could work in a corner or along the walls. The same is true for piano light although it could also work as a reading lamp next to a lounge chair.

What do you expect from the Biennale Interieur?

This is my fist time showing my products so I am very curious how people will respond. I hope to get some constructive feedback, maybe some reviews. And in general, I hope to meet some interesting people.

How important is design for society?

That would be a very long and complicated answer related to cultural heritage and personal expression etc., but a short answer could be: design can make life a lot easier and more comfortable.

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