The two-year information and consultation programme »Design Management for small and medium-sized enterprises in Berlin«, undertaken by the IDZ and the University of Applied Sciences Berlin, gave companies the opportunity to obtain information on all aspects of Design Management and to receive individual consultation. 

On-site at the respective businesses, Berlin-based SMEs and external consultants could together carry out a multilevel analysis of current development and demand in areas such as product development, services, marketing and design, as well as develop sustainable action approaches to increase competitiveness. Professional development forums and workshops on different aspects of the Design Management process were also offered. 


The consultation programme was accompanied by a three-volume publication in which scientists, designers and entrepreneurs shed light on various facets of Design Management. The publications are only available in German.

Volume 1: Designmanagement im Fokus – pdf, 2,5 mb
Volume 2: Designmanagement konkret – pdf, 2,8 mb
Volume 3: Designmanagement – Einblicke und Ausblicke – pdf, 6 mb

The project was co-financed by the European Union and the State of Berlin. The project partner for the IDZ was the Academy of Sciences Berlin.


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