Our Member of the Month for February 2022 is Ulrike Meyer, who has been connecting people with her personnel consultancy for the design and communications industry Connecting Talents since 2004.

As a qualified communications designer with many years of experience in the market, Ulrike Meyer knows the specific requirements and the constantly changing needs of the industry. With a large network of top-class contacts, she offers her clients, whether candidates or companies and agencies, a responsible and sustainable recruitment service.

In doing so, it is not only expertise and creativity that matter to her, but above all that people can work well together, inspire each other and take each other forward. "I've always been very interested in people," Ulrike Meyer tells us in the interview, "and that hasn't changed after 20 years in the profession: this enthusiasm for people who are enthusiastic about something, and who can do something particularly well!"

In addition to her consulting work, Ulrike Meyer teaches self-presentation and portfolio at various design colleges in Germany.

Ulrike Meyer on the net:
Connecting Talents

Ulrike Meyers book suggestion:
Notamuse: A New Perspective on Women Graphic Designers in Europe, published by Niggli Verlag

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