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The IDZ bundles the expertise of our members and partners in a professional network with a focus on user-centered design and sustainable design. Join us to get involved and introduce your own topics – either as part of our exclusive Member Circles with a focus on networking and knowledge building – or to share them with a broad audience through our public events and formats.


Whether it's an award, a particularly interesting project, events, open offices, trade fair appearances, requests for cooperation or job advertisements - as a multiplier we communicate your news and events in the social networks: LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook. Our newsletters are also an excellent means to reach a large audience interested in design topics. Our subscribers include decision-makers from the most important agencies in the German-speaking world, design-oriented entrepreneurs and many heads from the creative industries.


Projects and network events of the IDZ are open for your participation. We increase your visibility through recommendations and direct involvement as a speaker, juror or expert. For external inquiries from businesses, for coaching and training offers or workshops by the IDZ, we draw on the expertise of our members - and place you in our service offers according to your professional experience as a design leader.

Design promotion

Through your membership, you support IDZ projects and formats that raise the profile of design and provide important impetus for positive change processes in the economy and broader society.


At the regional, national and EU levels, we advocate the needs of the design sector and of design-oriented companies. By participating in decision-making committees and strategic processes, we reinforce awareness of your issues.

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Member events give you insights into a diverse range of fields of work, research areas and topical subjects. Our online membership area gives you access to publications as well as the opportunity to share your own publications.

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As a multiplier, we communicate your news and events through newsletters and social media. In your member profile, you can present your fields of work, focal areas and clients. As a member, you receive information on public tenders, job postings in academia, offers from the member network as well as discounts on events, including professional events. In the exclusive member area, you can post your own offers or inquiries.

Conditions and Membership Application

There are two types of memberships at the International Design Center Berlin: Individual and company memberships. The following conditions apply:

Individual Membership

Individual Membership (Students)
€ 50 annual fee

Individual Membership (Professionals)
€150 annual fee

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Company Membership

Corporate Membership (up to three employees)
€ 375 annual fee

Corporate Membership (up to ten employees)
€ 750 annual fee

Corporate Membership (more than ten employees)
€ 1,500 annual fee

Corporate Membership (more than one hundred employees)
€ 3,000 annual fee

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Tax advantages

The IDZ is a non-profit organisation. In Germany, donations to non-profit organisations are tax-deductible. Accordingly, IDZ membership fees count as donations. 

In the case of private individuals, donations can count as special expenses in the declaration of income and are thus tax deductible within certain limits. Companies can deduct donations from profits, up to a fixed annual limit.


§ 1 Name, seat and financial year

(1) The Organisation bears the name IDZ - International Design Center Berlin e.V.
(2) The Organisation has its headquarters in Berlin.
(3) The financial year is the calendar year.

§ 2 Purpose

(1) The Organisation supports education, culture and art. The purpose of the Organisation is the maintenance in Berlin of an international centre of design. This shall work towards good product design, greater awareness of the aesthetic, sociological, technological and economic contexts, and the pursuit of an international debate on all issues surrounding environmental design. These activities are to be pursued in an interexchange of ideas with science and art, business and industry, and the consuming public. The purpose of these Articles of Association is fulfilled through events such as exhibitions, design projects, workshops, conferences, symposia, advanced training, information events, lectures and discussions.
(2) The Organisation is non-profit and does not primarily pursue its own economic purposes.

§ 3 Non-profit status

(1) The Organisation pursues exclusively and directly non-profit-making activities within the meaning of the Chapter ‘Tax-Exempt Objectives’ of the Regulation of Taxation (Abgabenordnung).
(2) Existing funds and resources may only be used for purposes that comply with these Articles of Association. Members do not receive contributions from the funds of the Organisation. The Organisation does not use funds either for direct or indirect support or promotion of political parties. No person may benefit from expenditures that are not related to the purpose of the Organisation, or through inappropriately high allowances.
(3) The Organisation exclusively and directly pursues tax-privileged, statutory ends.

§ 4 Memberships

(1) Members of the Organisation can be natural and legal persons.
(2) The Board shall decide on membership requests, which must be in writing. If the Board declines an application, the applicant has until six weeks after receipt of the notice of rejection to request an application decision at the Meeting of Members.
(3) Withdrawal from the Organisation is possible only at the end of a fiscal year and with a notice period of three months. Retiring members are not entitled to any organisation assets.
(4) Upon a proposal submitted by the Board, the Meeting of Members shall have the right to appoint as IDZ members persons who have rendered eminent services to the field of design.
(5) Upon a proposal submitted by the Board, the Meeting of Members may elect eminent persons as honorary members for life. Honorary members shall have full voting rights at all Meetings of Members; they will be invited to meetings of the Board without the right to vote on amendments. Honorary members are exempt from membership fees.

§ 5 Membership fees

Organisation members shall pay a membership fee. The amount shall be decided by the Meeting of Members. This amount can be staggered. Corresponding members may be exempted from their obligation to contribute. The membership fee is payable in January of each year.

§ 6 Organisation bodies

The bodies of the organisation are the Meeting of Members, the Board and the Managing Director.

§ 7 Meeting of Members

(1) Each member has one vote.
(2) The Meeting of Members is specifically responsible for:
1. the election, discharge and deselection of members of the Board
2. approval of the annual report
3. passing of resolution on contributions
4. amendments to the Articles of Association
5. the dissolution of the Organisation.
(3) The Meeting of Members shall meet at least once a year. Meetings of Members are convened by the Board. The Board shall convene a Meeting of Members within two months if one third of members, a third of the members of the Board or the Managing Director so requires. Invitations to Meetings of Members should be sent or posted with the agenda at least two weeks in advance in text form.
(4) Representation is permitted upon written authority, but for not more than one other member. Resolutions require a majority of votes cast; amendments and the dissolution of the Organisation require a majority of two thirds of votes cast.
(5) A transcript shall be made of the Meeting of Members, which must be signed by a member of the Board and the recording clerk.

§ 8 The Board

(1) The Board comprises up to ten members elected by the Meeting of Members and additionally by the Managing Director/s appointed in accordance with §9. There is also the possibility of co-option of up to two public administration representatives through a resolution by the Meeting of Members. The term of office of the Board is three years; the term of office of the Managing Director/s as member of the Board appointed in accordance with §9 is five years, but will automatically end upon termination of the management contract. The members of the Board – with the exception of the Managing Director/s appointed in accordance with §9 – shall remain in office until the new election.
(2) The Board shall elect a Chairman and his/her Deputy from among its members.
(3) The Governing Board of the Organisation within the meaning of §26 of the German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch – BGB) are the Chairman of the Board, the Deputy Chairman and the Managing Director/s appointed in accordance with §9. Each of them is authorised to represent the Organisation. Approval (in writing or text form) from a Managing Director is required for transactions over a value of 500 Euros.
(4) The Board is responsible for all matters that are not assigned to the Meeting of Members or the Managing Director/s.
(5) The Chairman of the Board shall conclude a management contract with each Managing Director.

§ 9 Management

The Board shall appoint up to three Managing Directors for day-to-day management of the Organisation according to §30 of the German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch – BGB). Each Managing Director reports to the Chairman of the Board.

§ 10 Advisory Board

(1) The Board may appoint an Advisory Board or specialised committee for all matters relating to programmes and work. The Board shall report to the Meeting of Members on the appointment, composition, working methods and results of the above-mentioned bodies.
(2) The Advisory Board shall comprise no more than ten people, none of whom may be members of the Organisation. These shall be appointed by the Board. The term of office shall not exceed three years. A re-election is permissible. Each Managing Director appointed in accordance with § 9 is ex officio a member of the Advisory Board.
(3) The Advisory Board is chaired by a member of the Board which has been chosen by the Board, who in the case of absence shall be represented by a Managing Director.
(4) The Managing Directors shall prepare the meetings of the Advisory Board.

§ 11 Minutes

Minutes shall be produced and kept of the meetings of the General Assembly, Board and Advisory Board, as well as of specialised committees.

§12 Dissolution

Upon dissolution of the Organisation or loss of tax-privileged purposes, assets will be transferred to the Berlin state government, which must use them directly and exclusively for tax-privileged purposes.

Statutes registered in the register of associations, district court Berlin-Charlottenburg
on August 23, 2019

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For all questions about membership, please contact: 

Jutta Brinkschulte
T +49 (0)30 61 62 321 24

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