The specialist conference “International Design Forum” focuses on relevant design issues and developments in the areas of mobility and transportation. The conference is part of the InnoTrans Convention, area „Public Transport und Interiors“ (PTI), at the world’s leading trade show for transport and mobility (20 – 23 September 2022) in Berlin.

The forum presents thought leaders from globally recognized businesses, research and design organisations such as Deutsche Bahn, RATP, Siemens, Bombardier Transportation, Lantal, Designaffairs, Frog, Priestmangoode, N+P Industrial Design, büro+staubach, Seymourpowell, Spirit Design, Tangerine, BMW Group Designworks or Edenspiekermann among others.

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International Design Forum 2022 – Program Retrospective

International Design Forum 2022

From the Passenger Experience to the Connected Vehicle – Co-innovation for Successful Mobility Solutions.

The International Design Forum put co-innovation, cooperation and user orientation at the center of InnoTrans 2022. Speakers from leading operators, design consultancies and manufacturers shared experiences from cross-sector cooperation – presenting innovative vehicle solutions, discussing current challenges and issues in public transport, and offering new perspectives for future mobility.


09.30 - 10.00 am | Doors Open
10.00 - 10.05 am | Opening

10.05 – 10.25 am | Session

Tren Maya - A train for Mexico built in Mexico - Creative Team Work

The modular and flexible Tren Maya range is designed to meet many diverse needs of locals and other passengers by providing an efficient and reliable means of transport, while offering tourists a safe and frequent ride to the main touristic spots. 3 types of trains will be provided: conventional regional trains, night trains with seats and berths and restaurant trains for charter trips. The train design has been developed by Alstom Design Team called “A&CD” Advanced & Creative Design.

Fernando Sunyer, Project Manager of Tren Maya, ALSTOM
Thomas Poquet, R&D/Tender Creative Design Manager, ALSTOM

10.25 – 10.45 am | Session

Development and Prospect of High-speed Intelligent EMU

People-oriented, benefiting the public and interacting with the city for win-win development are the design principles for the Intelligent EMU. The Beijing to Zhangjiakou high-speed train is the first intelligent EMU in China that combines automated self-monitoring, self-diagnosis and operation, and automated control and safety functions. The Intelligent EMU meets the transportation need for passengers of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. In the future, the country will develop a new generation of high-speed railcars that will be smarter, more environmentally friendly, more energy efficient and more economic.

Qiang Sun, Technical Manager, CRRC Group

10.45 – 11.00 am | Break

11.00 – 11.20 am | Session

Designing Trains by using Evidence Based Design

The world is changing fast, and so are the needs of passeners at NS. The train journey from door to door has become central and people no longer talk about the ‘train passenger’ but about ‘the passenger or traveler'. NS sets an industry leading standard of on time performance, while also investing in a distinctive interior design that helps accommodate different passenger needs during peak and off-peak hours. This resulted in an updated design guide, digital wayfinding vision and a variety of new seating modules.During this keynote NS will take the audience along in a world of evidence based design starting with the needs of our customers, recurring train experience surveys and its iterative design process of the new train interiors.

Roeland Reitsema, Industrial Design Specialist, NS - Netherlands Railways
Mark van Hagen, Principal Consultant Customer Experience, NS - Netherlands Railways

11.20 – 11.40 am | Session

Flexible rail interiors, designed to bring passengers back

PriestmanGoode and Angel Trains will describe the process and outcomes of a government funded innovation project that responded the changes in patterns of travel with the aim of attracting passengers back to rail. The presenters will discuss the power of a physical demonstrator to engage with passengers and how partnerships across the supply chain delivered a product validated by user feedback.

Kirsty Dias, Managing Director, PriestmanGoode
James Brown, Product Manager, Angel Trains

11.40 – 12.00 pm | Session

Recreating regional transport experience – How can we shift to a customer’s focus?

What are expectations on public train transport of the future? If we take the mobility change serious it is important to understand our customers needs. Emotion is a main factor for that. We need to create a shift that is based on the intrinsic wish to travel by train based on the “coolness of the product” not of an “enforcement” to do it. The team of the ideas train in cooperation with neomind design studio is trying to fullfill these topics in certain concept and implementation projects.

Matthias Fischer, Managing Director, neomind
Julian Fordon, Projekt Manager Ideenzug, DB Regio

12.00 – 12.20 pm | Session

Passengers first – a vision of the Next Level passenger experience in high-speed rail

“The Passenger” doesn’t exist in our highly flexible and multi-dimensional travel world today. We need trains which work for everyone – for different people with different needs and expectations. To overcome the passenger pain points of today we need to look forward and predict the future. We believe in co-creation among operators, passenger interest groups, manufacturers and designers to develop smart solutions which cater to the needs and expectations of all passengers. Let’s take a walk through the highspeed train of tomorrow.

Christiane Bausback, CEO / Head of Design, N+P Innovation Design
Tom Kutscher, Head of Sales & Bids / International Projects for Highspeed and Intercity Trains, Siemens Mobility

12.20 – 12.35 pm | Break

12.35 – 1.05 pm | Panel Talk
SMART+Sustainable: New collaborations in the competition for mobility

Christiane Bausback, CEO / Head of Design, N+P Innovation Design
Kirsty Dias, Managing Director, PriestmanGoode
Sarah Fessl, Team Lead for Train Interior & Design, ÖBB
Mark van Hagen, Principal Consultant Customer Experience, NS
Tom Kutscher, Head of Sales & Bids, Siemens Mobility
Jan Wielert, Managing Director, büro+staubach

1.05 – 1.25 pm |Keynote

Visions for an Intelligent & Sustainable Future Mobility

In this presentation we will identify the major shifts affecting the way in which people work and the new travel behaviours that will emerge in a post-pandemic landscape. We will also look at how people are becoming increasingly conscious of their carbon contribution – particularly in the choices they make as they travel.

Jeremy White, Director of Transport, Seymourpowell

1.25 – 1.30 pm | Closing Words

September 21, 2022
9.30 am - 1.30 pm

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