The original reason for presenting the Scholz & Volkmer GmbH as IDZ Member of the Month for April 2020 was the see15-Conference. With a total of more than 1000 visitors in Wiesbaden, the "Conference for the Visualization of Information", which was launched by the agency in 2006, is now one of the largest design conferences in the German-speaking world – while still being completely realized by the employees. Unfortunately, See15, which was planned for April 18th, had to be cancelled due to Covid 19, like so many events this month. All the more we are looking forward to the upcoming date, which we will announce here in time.

Peter Post is a designer and is responsible for UX design on the management board of Scholz & Volkmer. He is also a member of the board of the IDZ and this year's jury chairman of the UX Design Awards.

1. Would you like to briefly introduce Scholz & Volkmer to us?
Scholz & Volkmer is a creative agency, we primarily do digital work for brands and also have a strong focus on sustainability, with our own products, but also numerous projects for clients in the field of sustainable services and sustainability communication.

2. In your opinion, what has been the best experience in connection with Scholz & Volkmer so far - the greatest project, the best client?
We have been working for the eBike manufacturer Riese & Müller for five years. This is the kind of cooperation one could only wish for. It started very small, both the client and us were able to grow together over the years. We now do a lot for them, from branding to digital and sustainability communication. Riese & Müller is owner-managed, they are people of conviction, just like us. That welds together, even if there are sometimes depths.

3. Why is Scholz & Volkmer a corporate member of the IDZ? Why are you involved as a member of the board of directors?
There are a lot of hysterical clubs of creative people. The IDZ is not one of them. We became aware of the IDZ through the EcoDesign and UX Design Awards, because we won them once. These awards as well as the projects of the IDZ are unexcited and serious, and address relevant topics that are not autistically related to the design scene but have social significance. In the board of directors I am committed to further represent and drive this agenda. The proximity to politics and ministries is also important to us: many challenges have to be solved jointly by the state, companies and interest groups, the IDZ is a good platform for this.

4. What inspires you at the moment - which interesting/beautiful publications, exhibitions, books, films, websites, people etc. would you like to recommend to readers?
As far as design is concerned, I read the dezeen newsletter, where the focus is on architecture and product design. PAGE has been my favorite magazine for 30 years, FastCompany offers a good and sufficiently critical view on Digital Transformation in the USA. On Medium I get in-depth articles. In addition, it is more social and economic magazines like brand eins, Adbusters Magazine, still the Spiegel. Otherwise, visits to well-stocked magazine stores and museum bookstores are always a drain on my budget, but there I find exactly the titles I wasn't looking for, and they inspire me the most.

(from the April 2020 Newsletter)

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